Safe Traveler's Mission is to provide you with the information necessary for your trip to be the enjoyable and memorable event that you know it will be. Safe Traveler provides you easy access to information about your destination(s).

You will find that information through the Safe Traveler Website, Safe Traveler E-letters, and using Safe Traveler Information On Board (STIOB).

Whether you’re traveling domestically or overseas for pleasure, study or business; awareness and accurate information will help ensure that your experience is safe, carefree and relaxing.

  Current Travel News:

If you're just curious or beginning the planning process for a trip, cruise, or vacation, Safe Traveler compiles data and updates from around the world.

Simply visit our DESTINATION PAGES and choose a country, to get a sampling of a safe, secure feeling .

Safe Traveler E-Letters are designed to provide travel safety updates and cultural data.

You get up-to-date information and background research for one destination.

The Safe Traveler Team can monitor your planned destinations, keeping a specific eye on anything that might impact your travels and if something does occur, we will notify you wherever you are 24/7!

Safe Traveler Information On Board will help your trip be safer, smoother and worry-free.


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